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Comfort Suites
Fargo, ND 

Lowry Engineering worked with TMI Hospitality on the civil design, construction administration, and construction staking of the typical 82 unit-4 story layout, Comfort Suites hotel in Fargo, ND, located near Gander Mountain. The Comfort Suites’ adjoining property to the east was under construction during the same time of the engineering of this hotel and shared a common drive between the two. With a decent slope, the grading was fairly easy; however, the property to the east already had a design for the drive isle but would not work well with the proposed layout and grading of the Comfort Suites. Coordination between their proposed drive isle and our proposed drive isle was a must to insure proper drainage along the common drive. There is also a petroleum gas line on the south side of the property, 25 foot easement either side, which had to be taken into consideration. The gas company had strict regulations on how close Lowry Engineering could route pipes next to or across it and how much minimum cover is required. Lowry worked closely with the owner from concept to completion to ensure a quality product was delivered.